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Wack 100 New Exclusive Interview: “This isn’t Gangsta” The Perspective Part 1 | (@Amarudontv )

April 23, 2023 |

Wack 100 gives us a true insight into his life and the man behind the music in the exclusive and rare interview.

In part one of Wack 100 Perspective interview with Amaru Don TV you’ll hear Wack be transparent on what helped mould and shape him into the man, the mogul, the executive, the father and more that he is today. Overcoming many hurdles and setbacks along the way to succeed.

2:45 Breaking The Cycle
5:15 Facing 15 Years In Jail
6:02 I was a Failure
8:15 Origin Of Gang banging
11:00 Importance of Fatherhood
13:50 Impact of Prison
19:30 Business Acumen Inception
25:50 Deathrow Era

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