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One Acen Interview: Start In Music, Hardy Caprio, Vice Versa And Overcoming Rejection | RECAP

November 10, 2018 |

Recap to One Acen interview in full with Amaru Don TV covering all things about his journey into music and the pressures he faced along the way.

One Acen new EP Sexy Odd Rose is out now!

2:15 Moving out of London To Hertfordshire 
4:57 On Deciding Not Got To University
8:17 Struggles To Get in the Music Industry
10:48 Music Was The Only Option Left
13:20 The Perception Of Being An Aspiring Rapper
17:20 Financial Pressures Chasing Music

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The Perception of Success
Grime Interviews
Lessons Learned
Deepest Songs
My Purpose
Industry Stakeholders
The Business of Music

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