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“How The Music Industry Really Works” With Ditto Music CEO Lee Parsons (Part 2/3)

April 2, 2019 |

Part 2 of Ditto Music CEO, Lee Parsons interview with Amaru Don TV.
We discuss major label deals, ownership of masters, Ditto’s A&R process to signing artists, Long term goals and achievements and much more.

Ditto Music are passionate about artists rights and making the music industry fairer for independent musicians. Their unlimited distribution service allows you to release all of your music onto the world’s biggest platforms, while you keep 100% of the rights to your songs and all the money you earn from sales.

Plus, Ditto have 20 offices across 16 countries, and over 100 staff on-hand to help support and promote your music globally.

(1:30) Importance of owning your masters
(8:44) Ditto’s biggest
(13:50) Return of investment for urban artists
(17:00) Business model copied by competitors
(21:12) Ditto’s A&R process

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