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Blanco Interview: Harlem Spartans Drill Legacy, Imposter Syndrome, Label Experiences | Amaru Don TV

February 26, 2023 |

Long overdue sit down with Blanco for his Perspective interview with Amaru Don TV.
We discuss Blanco’s mindset on not wanting to continue making drill, leaving Polydor, Mizormac influence and the imposter syndrome that affects his career decisions.

0:00 Blanco Intro
1:22 How He Got Signed
9:40 Shippuden Backstory
18:55 Antisocial & Imposter Syndrome
26:12 Mizormac Influence!!!
29:30 Drill Don’t Feel The Same!

Pre Save Blanco upcoming single Carpe Diem

Watch Blanco’s previous interview with Amaru Here

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